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Yog-Naturopathy-Panchkarma Treatment & Research Centre #Patanjali YogGram Booking

Services included are:- Accommodation, All Meals / All types of therapy selected by the doctor have been included.NOTE:- 1. Treatment Kit charges, Blood Test charges, & Medicine charges extra payable as per doctor's prescription.2. Colon, Vibro Massage, RHM, Ozone, Liver & Gall-Bladder Cleansing, Coffee Anaema, Papaya Face Pack, Kesh Kanti Lep charge extra payable as per doctor's prescription. Patanjali YogGram Booking Patanjali Wellness

9. i) Patient have to described every thing about his disease, at the time of consultation if doctor find any chronic illness which is not described by the patient at the time of registration the attending doctor can send him back patient will be fully responsible for this.

ii) For the 3rd person (5 years or above) as a Health Seeker (Online registration should be already) in the same cottage Rs. 3,000/- per day on arrival and Panchkarma Treatment is included in this.

10. Discount for Jila - 5%, Patanjali Life Members - 25%, Rajya Karyakarni - 15%, Sah- Rajya Prabhari - 20%, Rajya Prabhari - 25%, Patron Members - 50% (Maximum Person - 2, Period - 1 Week per annum), Founder Members - 100% (Maximum Person - 2, Period - 1 Week per annum), Corporate Members - 100% (Maximum Person - 4, Period - 1 Week per annum), Group Booking (Minimum-25 Members and Maximum-40 Members)-5% (Each Member).

Important information for treatment in Yoggram during COVID-19 infection.

  • It is mandatory for Health Seekers coming to Yoggram to process the registration before coming here. Your booking will be decided only after depositing your booking amount

  • We request our dear and divine health seekers and attendants--if you have received both doses of vaccine, and 1 month has been completed by the day of your booking date. Kindly bring the Hard-Copy and you do not have to bring RT-PCR.

NOTE:- हम अपने प्यारे और दिव्य स्वास्थ्य चाहने वालों और परिचारकों से अनुरोध करते हैं--अगर आपको दोनों डोज़ वैक्सीन लगी है, और आपकी बुकिंग तारीख के दिन तक वैक्सीन लगे हुए 1-महीना पूरा हो गया है, कृपया हार्ड-कॉपी लाएं , तो आपको RT-PCR नहीं लानी है।

I'd like to thank you for the trust and support you have in us and we look forward to welcoming

1. Please get yourself registered in advance at Yog Gram to help us serve you better.

2. For advance registration you have to send your particulars like- Name, Age, Sex, Diseases, History of Disease (Latest Pathology, Radiology and Cardiology Reports), Complete Address, Contact No. and Email Id through - fill and submit online application form on our website.

3. Tuberculosis (TB), Schizophrenia, Cancer, Renal Failure, Leprosy and AIDS are not treatable at Yog Gram.

4. Make sure that you are going to deposit amount after getting permission from our doctor by email.

5. Registration Procedure-

i. The period of stay for treatment shall be for minimum 7 days and maximum 50 days.

ii. Health seekers can book their accommodation for more than 7 days and they have to deposit amount for complete desired period. No money, in any form, will be refunded/ adjusted to a health seeker leaving the treatment before completion of booked period.

6. The following steps outline the process of submitting an Online Registration Form:- (You may check availability online booking/userlogin/online patient registration)

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